How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Manual Check-In
    • Download the attendees' list in a PDF file.
    • Check the name of the attendees as they arrive.
  2. 2. Scan Gun Check-in
    • a. Mickety Web Check-In
      • i. Get a 2D QR code Scan Gun
      • ii. Connect the 2D QR code Scan Gun to your system.
      • iii. Open your event check-in page
      • iv. Begin scanning attendees’ tickets as they arrive
    • b. Other Check-in System

      Note: Attendees’ tickets can only be read by a 2D QR code Scan Gun.

      • i. Download your event attendees’ list in a CSV file.
      • ii. Import the CSV attendees’ list into your check-in system.
      • iii. Follow your system instructions to begin check-in
  3. 3. Mickety Mobile App Check-in

YES. An organizer may delegate check-in to multiple people for a single or multiple gates entry check-in process.

To delegate attendees’ check-in to others without granting them access to your organizer account; follow these steps:

  1. 1. Step 1 – Get to the Event Page
    • a. Log in to your account.
    • b. Go to the event check-in page in the event dashboard.
  2. 2. Step 2 – Generate & Share Check-In ID
    • a. Generate an Event ID.
    • b. Copy the Event ID.
    • c. Share the Event ID with your check-in delegate(s).
    • d. Share step 3 actions with your delegates.
  3. Note: Generating another Event ID will make the previously generated Event ID unusable.

  4. 3. Step 3 – Delegate Check-in
    • a. Go to Check-In page.
    • b. Paste or type in the Check-In ID.
    • c. Verify the Event information corresponds.
    • d. Begin check-in with Mickety Web Check-in
      • i. Get a 2D QR code Scan Gun.
      • ii. Connect the 2D QR code Scan Gun to your system.
      • iii. Begin scanning attendees’ tickets as they arrive.

Mickety ticket has a unique identifier QR code. Using the Mickety Web and Mobile App Check-in, a ticket can only be use and scan once.

It's free for organizers to use Mickety if you're not charging for tickets! There are no monthly charges, enrollment costs, or setup fees. If you're charging for ticket sales, our fees will apply.

  1. a. Mickety pricing in the U.S is 1% of the ticket price and $0.99 per paid ticket plus 2.9% of the ticket price and $0.30 payment processing per transaction.
  2. b. Mickety pricing in Nigeria is 5% of the ticket price per paid ticket plus 1.5% of the ticket price and ₦100 payment processing per transaction (₦100 fee waived for payment process transactions under ₦2500)

To make sure you get paid for your ticket sales, it's crucial to enter your payout details. You can be paid by direct deposit (bank transfer), check (USD only), or PayPal (USD only). Your payout processing starts immediately after your payout request is approved.

Mickety organizers set their own refund policies. Before requesting a refund, check the event listing to see if the event organizer set a refund policy.